Interface description
  • My balances
Request URL:
Request Method:
  • POST
Parameter Whether or not Type Example
apiKey yes string user request for apiKey
timeStamp yes string current timeStamp
nonce yes string random 6 bit character
sign yes string signature of request parameter

How to sign a request parameter

User-submitted parameters are required to sign in addition to sign.

First, the signature string is required to be sorted by parameter name (comparing the first letter of all parameter names, in abcd order. If the first letters are the same, then it depends on the second letter, and so on, for each of the parameters).

For example: for the following parameters for the signature:

apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&id=302221&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127 Apply for stitching secretKey


sign url : apiKey=376892265asdad5d12726d8bbfbd8912b3&id=302221&timeStamp=1510235730&nonce=309127aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

The "sign" is the must transferred signature parameters.

Finally, the 32-bit md5 algorithm is used to sign the final signature string to get the signature result string (the string is assigned to the parameter sign).

Return results sample
    "status": 200,
    "msg": "",
    "data": {
        "cny": "0.00000000",
        "usd": "0.00000000",
        "btc_total": "0.00000000",
        "info": [
                   "name": "zpr",
                   "num": "37.49067275",
                   "over": "37.49067275",
                   "lock": "0.00000000",
                   "btc": "0.00000000",
                   "usd": "0.00000000",
                   "cny": "0.00000000"
       "time": 1532672546,
       "microtime": "0.94303600 1532672546",
       "source": "api"

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